Ava Ansari is a transmedia poet, transcultural curator, and Farsi interpreter practicing Pahlevani with the sensual, institutional, and digital bodies against forced tongue, capture, and movement. Their practice lives at the intersections of telematic, choreographic, musical, and spatial composition; heterotopic healing and radical cyber celebration; translingual embodiment and bodies' free navigation, and Farsi-English conjugations and pedagogical interventions.

Since 2010, Ansari has been working with telepresence technologies and their extended communities in Iran and elsewhere to diversify the fixated notions of poetic expression and governance. Their imageries are composed through long-term processes of multilingual and multilocation organization of bodies, texts, and sounds in urban-digital states of spatial design, poetic embodiment, and physical alignment. “Subway” image-based social compositions and mobile app for free public dance and movement beyond the preventing laws (Nitsche Michael, Subway P.99-108, Vital Media: Making, design, and expression for humans and other materials, MIT Press, 2022); “Conducting Studies” image processor for poetic mapping, “The Back Room” pedagogical and curatorial collective for virtual critical dialogue between Iran and the US, and POETIC SOCIETIES Transmedia Poetry & Healing Technologies Network for body-conscious modes of expression & governance are examples of their projects for healing experiences of institutionalized pain.

Ansari is the Founding Director of POETIC SOCIETIES (PoSo) Transmedia Poetry & Healing Technologies Network for body-conscious modes of expression and governance in Detroit. Established in 2017 as an institutional critique project, POETIC SOCIETIES functions as a 501(c)(3) Curatorial Agency and Design Lab for cultivating moments of somatic, sonic, and scenic liberation of self, land, and senses of belonging across the earth. Recent PoSo projects and programs include "TOUCHED" Somalegal Hotline & Gardens for writing body-conscious contracts and “REMOooOTE: Detroit-Palestine” telepresence festival in Arabic, Persian, Anishinaabemowin, and English.

Ansari has previously served as Faculty Curator of Michigan State University Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology (Detroit, 2017-18), Curatorial Manager of Art Jameel US Tour + Culturunners (NYC, 2014-15), Curatorial Advisor of The Brown Institute for Media Innovation at the Stanford University's School of Engineering and Columbia Journalism School (NYC, 2013-14), Director of Exhibitions & Sales at Shirin Gallery (NYC, 2014-15), Marketing Consultant at Aperture Magazine (NYC, 2012), Director of Sales & Exhibitions at Basement Gallery (Dubai, 2008-10), and Assistant Curator at Silkroad Gallery (Tehran, 2006-08). They hold an MA in ArtsPolitics (New York University, Tisch School for the Arts, 2011) and a BA in Media Studies (Allameh Tabataba’i University, Communication School, Tehran, 2004).

Ava Ansari with long brown and grey hair has her gaze on the camera. Her chin is parallel to her right shoulder towards the camera while her chest faces the unknown in front of an ocean-like mural. She wears a protective silver chain that is partially visible around her neck and a black tshirtPhoto by Razi JafriAva Ansari with long and wavy brown and grey hair is standing in front of an ocean-like mural, gazing at the camera with their chin parallel to right shoulder and chest facing the unknown, wearing a black shirt and a protective silver necklace_Photo by Razi Jafri