Pick your  .

Find your  . 

 in  water.

  with a wire until .
Be careful to not press your down too hard into .

You will not see the  in the , but you know it is in there.

First, . They create the basic shape and the structure for the arrangement. They define the borders and reveal the corners that need to be covered by the other flowers. Their smell brings in more dedication and attention to the process.

Second, . They cover up the foam and make some sense of volume.
Push down each stem hard enough into the foam and make sure to not to overcrowd one spot. 

Third, . They create some fullness. Place them one by one by angling them towards the  in a way that they don’t cross over each other.

Fourth, . They add a nice background texture and careless finishing.

Check your design from each and every angle to make sure that your is completely covered. You can use it again after this election for another arrangement.